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Discover how many users are clicking on your MiMi URL as well as how your links are performing. We’ll show you how many users are clicking on your links each day, week or in total, enabling you to understand what’s working so you can improve engagement with your followers or customers

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Gain valuable insights into what your followers and friends see as your most popular content or which product or links your customers and clients find most valuable.

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Find out where in the world you have more followers, where you’re an influencer or where your products are most popular.


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MiMi is fast becoming the most trusted and widely used link landing page service. So do away with a personal web page that will get lost and forgotten and use MiMi to help build your online presence. Google will also index your page so new followers and clients can find you on the web—and if you are looking for privacy, you can easily turn this feature off.

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You can use your link to direct people to your crowdfunding or donation page, to sell e-books and courses, or to link to your e-store and specific products. Drive traffic from your social media accounts and gain more sales.


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