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Frequently Asked Questions

With a free for life or a pro plan, you will get a unique link to your page similar to this: Here are some of the many ways you can use MiMi:
  • Use your MiMi page to list your contact details, a personal profile, links to your social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and other web pages.
  • If you move jobs or update your details, your MiMi link will help you to remain connected with your connections and networks.
  • Your MiMi link remains the same for life (unless you change it); so, add it to your email signature, social media profiles or business cards and you’ll never have to change or reprint them again. We have even made it really easy for you, as a MiMi user you will have FREE access to unique QR codes and banners.
  • You can use your MiMi page as a personal webpage or a resume for employers – include your contact details and links to professional networking sites, your social media channels and any information about you on the web. It will allow you to grow your network and you quickly and easily can amend or change the details at any time through the web or our app.
  • Students, academics, and researchers are using MiMi to list their papers, links to news about their developments and upcoming conference presentations.
  • Social media users are including a link to their MiMi page in their personal profiles so their followers and connections can follow you across each platform.
  • Entrepreneurs, side hustlers and businesspeople are using their MiMi page to help them to promote their brand and themselves.
  • Businesses are creating MiMi pages for their companies, so they share links and information on one easy to share landing page.
Yes, you can do this by changing your username, this is the unique link to your page (it's also known as a handle or URL). You can change it to whatever is available and as many times as you wish, but remember, once you change your username your old username becomes available for anyone else to claim.
No usernames can contain MiMi or Admin unless they are official MiMi accounts. Your username must be longer than 3 characters but cannot be longer than 15 characters. It can only contain letters, numbers and underscores (_)
A MiMi link, or your username, directs people to your page, and is available on a first come first served basis. If someone has taken the username you wanted, try using part of your name, add your initials, a number at the end, or the words “the” “official” “Im” “its” “Mr” “ms” “Mrs” etc at the beginning. Our clever systems will let you know what is available and will make suggestions if you need some inspiration. If someone changes their username, their old username will become available for anyone else to use immediately.
If you're having trouble accessing the email for your existing MiMi account, send us an email and provide us with as much detail as possible: the email address used when you signed up, your name, date of birth, and as many of your social media profile links as you can. Our accounts team will then look into this for you. Never disclose your password to any employee of MiMi, we will not require this.
It's very safe and easy to do and by using one of these methods you don’t have to remember yet another password. Google, Facebook or Twitter will only share your name, email address, language preference, and profile picture with us; they will not share your password with us. MiMi employees and our systems have no access to your accounts.
We appreciate you may want multiple pages - a MiMi page for your current employment, another for potential employers and another so you can share links with your friends and family. We are working to enable a multiple user account management feature in our pro plan, but for now you can create multiple free for life accounts by registering with a different email address. (see below for deals on multiple pro plans)
On a free for life plan you can add up to 10 social or web links, a profile that is limited to 2000 characters, one email address and one phone number. A pro plan will enable you to add up to 50 social or web links, a profile introduction with a generous 6000 character limit using our enhanced editor, an additional email address and an additional phone number. Your links can be a combination of social media accounts and web links – for example, on a free for life plan you could include 6 Facebook page links and 2 twitter accounts, and 2 web links. We do not allow links to pages that:
  • Incite discrimination, hostility, or violence.
  • Contain child and/or adult sexual abuse material, sexual exploitation, and modern slavery.
  • The illegal sale of prescription drugs, medical devices, controlled substances, and related items.
  • Encourage the sale of, or harm to, endangered animals.
  • Sell weapons, firearms, guns and components.
  • Promote terrorism or extremism.
  • Any pages we deem could promote criminal activity or violates the law or legal rights of others.

If our systems identify links of this nature, or we are informed of these by other MiMi users or a third party, your account will be blocked. [please also see our Terms and Conditions for other usage restrictions]
We'd hate to see you leave, but if you really would like to close your account please log into your account and then click on the ‘my data’ tab and select 'close my account'. If you are not able to log into the account please email us and we will help
Please log into your account and then click on the 'my data' tab – you can then download a list of the data we hold. If you close your account, your data will be deleted from our systems.
Our FREE for life plan is free for life, and if you have purchased our pro lifetime plan you will benefit from the pro plan features for life; “for life” and “lifetime” means that as long as we are still in operation, our services will available for you to use for free or at no extra cost.
"Who wants a personal page to promote themselves and list all their links?"

...We wanted to make it all about you-you – so we went with the name MiMi, which also happens to translate to "!" in Spanish and a few other languages. We were also mindful that if we used the word meme, users may assume we are site for humorous or meaningful quotes and images, but if you wanted to use your MiMi page for links to meme sites and sites for humorous or meaningful quotes and images, please go ahead.
Pro Plans
A pro plan costs just $5 a month – that’s only 16 cents a day! Click on pricing for details and to compare our plans.
Yes, you can. Please go to your account settings and indicate that you would like to cancel at the next subscription date. Before you cancel, please remember that in doing so you will lose all analytics and only your top 10 links will be retained, the others will be deleted.
If you purchase 5 pro plans you can purchase up to 5 additional pro plans at only $1 each! Email us for further details.
If you look after us, we'll look after you. We’re current offering a limited number of pro plans to celebrities, media personalities or anyone who has a large following on social media. As long as you use your MiMi link in your social profiles and promote us to your followers, we'll gift you a pro plan. We are reaching out to people, but please feel free to get in touch and let us know how we can help each other.

Alternatively, if you own a business with a large number of employees, or are an education provider and you would like each member of staff or your students to use a MiMi page in their email signatures or online profiles, get in touch for a chat.

Let's all be winners – MiMi, and you-you!
Please carefully check that you have entered your bank card details correctly. If you are using a desktop computer we recommend you use Chrome but try a different browser if you are still having problems. Please also check your firewall settings and if you are using a virtual private network (VPN), temporarily disabling this may help. If you are still having problems, please email us and we’ll do our best to help.
We know from time to time you can miss your payment, so we will keep your pro plan subscription active for a further 7 days. We will try again at day 3, and at day 5. Once the 7 days have passed since failed payment, we will automatically revert your account back to a free for life plan.
Log into your account and click on the payment details button on the top menu. Click the edit button (wrench icon) and enter your new card details. It's that simple.

Press & Media Enquiries

For any media enquiries whatsoever, please email [email protected]

Alternatively, have us email you!